Commercial moving has been in huge demand. In fact, the process of commercial moving is what led many entrepreneurs to the idea of starting a moving businesses. When the residential community saw how convenient moving was by choosing a moving company, services were offered residentially as well.

Until this day, commercial moving is regarded as one of the hardest and most tantalizing jobs. This is because the machinery used in most businesses is very expensive and needs special care. On the other hand, Humble Moving Company provides highly cost-effective and professional services in order to keep your delicate products out of harm’s way. No matter how big the machinery is, we have the manpower and equipment to make commercial moves easier and safer.

Businesses start small and end up big which makes it compulsory to move to a bigger office space. We have served many corporate customers who have often availed our services to move thrice, while seeing their businesses thrive. This proves that our customers are satisfied with our services and there’s no looking back when you hire us. Even if we say so ourselves, we are simply the best commercial movers in Texas.

Our Work on Commercial Moves
Unlike residential moves, commercial moves are more sophisticated and usually come in the form of of big projects. Even though we have worked with really major projects, we accept all kinds of small-scale commercial moving tasks as well. Just give us a call at (832) 644-2591 or e-mail us at [email protected] to discuss all your unique commercial moving requirements.

We have done the moving for a variety of commercial niches, some of which are mentioned below:

Small and Big Warehouses
We have gained a vast amount of experience in dealing with warehouse moves and are prepared to accommodate warehouse moves of all scales. From enormous industrial items to the most fragile goods, we have successfully delivered on our promise of provide the best moving service in Texas.

Industries and Factories
When it comes to industrial moving, you should make sure that you are hiring a moving company which has relevant experience because there are only a select few who handle this level of moving in Texas. Unlike others, Humble Moving Company has been serving many satisfied corporate customers affiliated with industries and factories. We are experts in handling heavy machinery and fragile goods as well as raw materials to the desired location, safely and quickly.


Some of our corporate customers are proud hotels owners. We know that most of the equipment moved is furniture, delicate artwork and fragile decoration items. Other items might include expensive electronics and appliances that you find in hotels. Since hotel owners need the quickest moving service, we provide them with enough manpower to safely transport their high-value items. Until today, we have not let any customer down and we don’t plan to in future either.

Medical Facilities
We know that medical equipment contain the most sensitive items which require transportation in a clean and secure environment. We allow your personnel to accompany us every step of the way in order to assure all your medical items are commuted safe and sound. Over the years, we have engaged with various hospitals and medical establishments which rely on us to provide them with a stellar moving service in Texas.

Cost Estimation
One thing that is common in residential and commercial moving is how costs are estimated. A representative will visit you and calculate the amount of items you want to move. The weight of these items will be considered as well as the commute distance between the two locations.

Once everything is calculated, a cost estimator will take essential factors into account such as:

● Fragility of Goods
● Quantity of Contents
● Distance to Commute
● Special Regulations on Moving Goods
● Total Weight of Items
● Type of Services Delivered

We are confident in offering the most reasonable rates in the market. We assure you our quality of service is unmatched along with the cost.

Dial (832) 644-2591 now tp book our commercial moving services.